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The most durable and resistant surfaces available


SapienStone Porcelain slabs are crafted from a proprietary blend of ceramic clays and mineral colorings and, thanks to this unique manufacturing process, will not be altered by heat, light, chemical cleaners and disinfectant products.

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MY TOP by Fondovalle

All of Fondovalle's collections convey the passion for their work and the intense emotion that is born from the encounter between design and art, nature and craftsmanship.

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Eternity Slabs are ESG Gallery's premier line of porcelain slabs. This collection offers an impressive variety of surfaces that combine technology with innovation, supporting the creativity of architects and designers all over the world.


Are you looking for something specific? Don't let our online selection limit your imagination. ESG Gallery can import almost any surface product that you can find on the market today. Contact us for assistance.

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